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Forex Trading: Tools

Elliott Wave  

The Elliott Wave is considered, by most experienced traders, to be the purest form for obtaining technical analysis because the Elliott Wave analysis acts as a measure for investor psychology. The Wave shows mass psychological swings during natural sequences, which create specific patterns which can be measured.

K.B. Advisory Ltd. With this tool you get an actual daily technical analysis and recommendations for trading which will be based on strategies for sophisticated trading systems and was developed by Keith Black. This tool boasts a successful performance of 3 year track record.

(Technical Research Limited) TRL is a Specialized Foreign Exchange Forecasting Service that can provide help with forecasting and trading analysis in the markets of global foreign exchange. Technical Research Limited is rated the No. 1 FX Advisory Service by customers in 39 different countries throughout the world.

This is quite a powerful program that can offer you real-time analysis for market professionals who are seeking:
1. A boost with decision making support
2. Top performing market models
3. To spend less $$ on real-time data and exchange feeds
4. Standard, and simple support for graphical trading
5. A visual representation of risk for the traders managing it.

(International Financing Review) IFR Forex Watch will give you analysis for the real-time technical FX spot and options market. It will provide you with analysts in London, New York, Boston, San Francisco, Singapore and Sydney. Not many can really match the depth and variety that this program has to give. IFR specializes in sifting through the large selection of information that messes up current market participants, and bringing it down to its bare essentials.

Global Market Research Global Market Research provides price predicting and is a proven performance-based Trade Strategies for the FX market trader. You should check out the daily newsletter, FX Technicals and intraday updates and analysis, through the internet or directly to your e-mail.

This is a resource for a well-connected market professional that has been specialized in trading and writing about markets for nearly 20 years. You can really profit off of his experience and analysis, especially his technical analysis, to get a real trader's take on current market action.

4CAST gives you up to date market information and analysis to market participants the world over, as well as central banks. 4CAST also has an on-line service that gives you basic, political, strategic and technical analysis 24 hours a day.

ForexTRM is the only charting service for FOREX that pairs 18 world and regional currencies and tracks them every day. This means ForexTRM will let you trade any one of the 18 currencies against any of the other 17 using its unique trademarked Sigma Bands and Hurst Cycle Analysis to identify properly:
• Overbought/sold FOREX markets
• Where the trading risk is at its lowest point in time
• Which currency pairs are ready to be traded

There is also an ALERTS Newsletter that you can get for free.

The Market Vu Show is the very best program available for traders and active investor’s use today. It will let you interact on your pc in real time as your host Market Vu and the famous Vu Team bring you live market action from the Global FOREX Markets. It will enable you to watch professional traders and share some of their ideas. You can also:
• Get Detailed Charts in Real Time from the Vu Team
• Get Trade Setups LIVE, Entries, Stops and Profit Targets
• Get Access to FX Account Holders for FREE
Get After Hours Education and Seminars


The FOREX Edge is an instructional CD that tries to give FOREX traders the unique tools that could just give them an advantage over the rest of the market. It will show you how to identify and find unique formations and how to structure your own indicators and how to generate your own signals.

Here are a few additional tools that you should check around for:

• Rate History Tool
• Converter
• EuroConverter
• Conversion List
• Risk Probability Calculator
• Investment Risks (VaR)
• Forex Pivot Point Calculator
• Pip USD value Calculator