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Automated Forex Tools
=>> Developed Especially for the Needs of Ordinary Forex Traders yet Also Used Successfully by Many Professional Traders.

1000 Pip Forex Climber System
=>> The Forex System for Success with Automatic Trade Detection, Stop Loss and Take Profit Values.

Forex Megadroid Expert Robot Advisor
=>> Seeing into the Immediate Forex Future with 95.82% Accuracy.

Trading Tools Using FOREX

When you begin trading with FOREX, the tools that you receive will really make your trading efforts a lot easier. Just like you might need a good calculator before buying a house, with FOREX, there are also some special tools that you can use when you start trading.

Below is a list of descriptions of some of the most popular tools which are used to help you make your experience with FOREX trading easier. We explain what they do as well. Let’s take a look!

Automatic Execution tool
The Advanz Auto4X platform will help to take the signals for your Trade Station strategy and will also automate their execution in order to Gain Capital’s trading platform. Advanz Auto4X is designed so that it can be most powerful, flexible and accurate so that it can meet the requirements of different complicated institutional trading departments.

Advanz Auto4x is also designed to be simple and efficient for any individual trader. This device also helps with supporting the execution of a many different strategies working on any number of time frames, to all of the FOREX crosses which are available for trading.